Inside Two of London’s Most Exciting Historic Architectural Renovations


Perusing historic architectural renovations in London, we discover a new generation of luxury developments offering unique cultural capital

Brexit, Covid, fluctuations in sterling – the past few years have been interesting times for those looking to invest in London. But with the UK paving a way to residency and citizenship for Hong Kong’s BNO passport holders, serious interest has been ramped up in the city.

“The London property market has always been the gold bar of global capital. With its historical and financial links around the world, there’ll always be strong demand,” says Benjamin Locke, founder of the China- based overseas property-investment firm Atlas Blue, which specialises in the US and UK. “The current market represents a buying opportunity for Asia and elsewhere, as I believe the pound is historically undervalued and the market was stagnant for the last two years because of Brexit uncertainty, but I expect the next three to five years to be very strong for the London market.”